Wills and Estate Lawyers in Calgary

It is common for even well-planned lives to take the most unexpected turns. For instance, a family member may suddenly fall sick, depart, or as a homeowner you may opt to move to a much smaller home. If you have found yourself in any of these situations, you may want to think about the future of your family, and a qualified wills and estate lawyer can help you navigate the different aspects of estate planning with minimal hassle. Wills and Estate Lawyers in Calgary While in Calgary, you will find reputable law firms that have specialized in wills and estate law. These firms are staffed with highly-qualified and dedicated lawyers who are always keen on providing their services in a personalized manner. Whether you are in need of estate planning or probate services in Calgary, or you are looking for a highly qualified Calgary will lawyer to assist with the drafting of a will, these firms are able to help. Some of their areas of practice include: 1. Wills When you are writing a will, it is extremely important to enlist the help of trustworthy lawyers with experience in this particular area. They will ensure that both your family and assets are protected and that everything is done in the right order. Fortunately, these firms have knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers who can help you navigate the delicate yet important process of drafting a will. If you are searching for a reliable Calgary will lawyer to help you through such a process, these firms have you covered. 2. Power of Attorney Awarding the power of attorney is a very important legal process, especially if you are not present or you are unable to make certain legal decisions for yourself. This is because the person that has been granted such powers may act on your behalf, for instance, by managing your finances, your assets or any other property. Note that the power of attorney document is supposed to be signed in writing. Moreover, a witness is supposed to be present and should a situation arise in which the power of attorney is supposed to come into play, the respective document should state that the power that is supposed to deal with that particular situation has been granted. 3. Probate Law If you are in need of probate services in Calgary, in order to settle the affairs of a deceased person, these law firms can also help. The seasoned probate lawyers at these firms have a lot of experience in representing clients in matters that concern trust, as well as probate litigation. For instance, they can handle issues of: a) Creditors b) Inheritance disputes c) Will fraud d) Estate tax litigation e) Trust accounting The legal experts at these firms can also help you through the process of creating a living will or a personal directive where you can state all your wishes concerning medical, as well as end-of-life treatments. Their unique services can prevent your loved ones from getting into unnecessary disputes when you are incapacitated or deceased. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be adhered to even when you are not around or are incapacitated. Whether you are searching for a qualified Calgary will lawyer to help you with your estate planning or you are in need of probate services in Calgary, these firms can help.