Tips to Reduce Court Fees With Mediation

With so many legal issues to be dealt with, you will have to undergo talks with your ex-spouse, maybe with the help of your respective Brisbane family lawyers. This way to resolve disputes in the most amicable manner and come up with results which both parties are amenable to is called Mediation.

You have probably heard of really messy divorce proceedings which ended in greater hate and more heartache. Those started out in mediation first, believe it or not. So, what happened? Pride ruled, most probably. Greed came along is another possibility…

What can be done to prevent trouble from brewing during mediation? Read on…

  1.       Get legal advice.

Know the process of mediation. Reflect on what you want. Be open to the worst outcomes. A good family lawyer will be able to help you in this regard.

  1.       Prioritize your needs and wants.

Make a list of these. Create good arguments so that you can have these at the end of the day. Be ready to negotiate because the truth is, you cannot and (based on reality) will not have it all.

  1.       See to it that your listed needs and wants are realistic.

Having too many expectations and sense of entitlement will end mediation in a snap. Be realistic about the situation and work with that.

  1.   Learn to compromise.

If you’re the type who wants to have it all, the mediation will fail in minutes. Learn to compromise if you really want a fair and equitable ending to this all, find the middle ground. If you don’t, the court will decide. And as mentioned above, you cannot and will not have it all.

  1.      Don’t push buttons.

Maybe you’ve been hurt. Maybe you’ve been betrayed. Maybe you want to fight back. Maybe you deserve to fight back and win. Please, don’t. It’s difficult but you need to set your emotions aside – or keep those in check, at least. If you put emotions over logic, you will lose.

Separation is hard and it’s understandable to just want to turn your back on everything about your marriage and never look back. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to do; not immediately, at least. A lot of Brisbane family lawyers would even agree that this is almost impossible when children are involved.

But Mediation has helped so many forgo the nasty and even more stressful court cases. All it really takes is openness and sincerity. If you really want everything to be patched with your former spouse, for the benefit of your futures and that of your children, if any, take a deep breath and strive for a calm mediation process.