When an accident occurs and there are victims, the consequences are initially unclear.

The accident can lead, after an incapacity for work, to a professional disability or simply to jeopardize a professional career.

The accident can also have repercussions on family or conjugal life and prevent them from performing domestic and domestic tasks.

It is sometimes necessary to quickly find solutions and especially the money needed to be able to benefit from the help.

Your Road Attorney will immediately make a complete review of your situation.

It will determine whether you are entitled to benefits from your occupational accident insurance, or even from your health insurance fund.

It will immediately protect your rights vis-à-vis the driver (s) and the wrong holders and their insurers; he will act to obtain recognitions of responsibility. If necessary, he will advise you in filing a criminal complaint.

He will take care to interrupt the prescriptions, to obtain first installments.

Once the first urgent measures have been taken, your Napoli Shkolnik will accompany you on the path of recovery, recovery of your job, or even help you in a professional reconversion, with the support of social insurance.

If at the end of this journey, there must be some after-effects, a disability, if your professional career has been compromised, if your life has changed, at home, in your free time, your lawyer will make claims to social insurers (Insurance -Invalidity, Compulsory Accident Insurance, Occupational Providence) as well as with the insurer of the vehicle at fault.

You will then be entitled to monthly annuities and financial compensation for your moral injury, your loss of past and future earnings, the damage to your economic future, your retirement capacity, or even the domestic and household chores you you can not do it anymore.

The claim for such financial compensation is a real specialist work and requires special knowledge in insurance law and liability law.

Claims made to insurers are often the subject of difficult negotiations. But when insurers have to negotiate with specialized lawyers, negotiations often result in agreements that are favorable to the victims of the road accident. In rarer cases, a claim for damages in the civil courts is necessary.