Reasons to Hire a Professional Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are undergoing financial distress and not sure about your options, hiring the services of an experienced professional bankruptcy attorney can help you achieve the desired results. When you file for bankruptcy it offers you a way to repay your debts or even discard them at times. This may be possible by liquidating assets for repayment of debts, or getting help to protect your business financially.

Some of the top reasons to hire a specialist bankruptcy attorney in Clearwater are:

Assists with the decision making: Navigating the laws of insolvency can be a minefield for most people and hiring the services of a professional attorney helps to mitigate the situation. There are different situations like filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or even seeking assistance in Creditor Harassment Matters in Clearwater, among a slew of other types of bankruptcy filings. This needs someone with in-depth knowledge and specialist expertise like attorneys from the Weller Group of have years of experience in handling such cases successfully.  For e.g. filing for Chapter 7 is quicker but has an income cut-off. On the other hand Chapter 13 has a 5 year repayment plan etc. Deciding which would be appropriate for your particular situation is something only an attorney can decide.  

Knowledge of paperwork: While you can file your own paperwork the fact is if you are not familiar with the process you could end up filling inadequate or incorrect information. On the other hand having a professional attorney knows exactly what information would be needed by the court. They know what necessary papers need to be filed and the exact process of filing them in the right order. Attempting to do it on your own without any knowledge could leave you entangled in a legal mess, something which is best to avoid when you already under financial stress.

Assist in court hearings: Once you file your case you will in all probability need to visit court on one or more occasions. If this is a first time experience you might feel out of your depth as you will not be aware of the court procedures and etiquette. Having a specialist legal counsel would help you to go through the process with ease.

Help in dealing with creditors: One of the biggest hassles of filing for bankruptcy is being harassed by creditors. When you hire Creditor Harassment Matters in Clearwater and file for the motion they cannot legally try to contact you for payments as it would be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Having an attorney ensures that you are protected from undue harassment in the bankruptcy proceedings.