Privacy Protection in the Internet

Internet is the source of unlimited information about all and everyone. Here, we want to focus on the personal privacy protection.

Has the Internet Destroyed the Privacy of Individuals in Today’s Life?

The private life of people on the web is the most crucial aspect, and it should be given much consideration. Every person wishes his or her information to be protected from unauthorized individuals for various reasons. Internet-based firms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram usually design a privacy protection policy to assure its clients of the safety of their data. However, today, the term privacy protection seems to be melting away, and there is no longer any essence of secrecy on the internet.

Indeed, technology has brought significant changes that have enabled individuals to carry out most of their activities with a lot of effectiveness and efficiency. In almost all aspects of human endeavors right from the education, business and governance sectors, technology has cut through, and people have become depended on this fascinating phenomenon.

However, the impacts of technology have been significantly felt in the communication sector. The technology has revolutionized the communication process and made the world a global village. Moreover, due to the advent of the internet, individuals can access and share a lot of information within few seconds and use less energy compared to the traditional methods. As such, the internet has turned out to be one of the technology advancement that has taken the world by storm. Who can survive today without the internet? Absolutely no one because we are living in a world that makes it impossible for any person to live in isolation.

Although the internet has been given much credit for bringing more changes in the world where people can communicate with ease at any time and place, several critic arguments have also been raised up.

Studies that argue against the advancement of this kind of technology have pointed out the progress of the internet has eliminated the aspect of privacy in today’s world. They claim that as a result of the internet, people can longer keep secrets because they post information about themselves in particular internet-enabled platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which can be viewed by many people. The internet has allowed people to access information of others even without their consent. Such instances sometimes result in conflicts that have destroyed friendships as well as marriages.

Currently, there have been a lot of complaints from the public pointing out that their privacy protection, particularly on the internet, has been ignored (however, this website Can you write a paper for me can guarantee complete privacy protection and real help).

These complaints have been received consistently from online social networks including Facebook and Twitter where individuals have argued that their information has once been accessed by unauthorized persons without their consent. As such, there is an urgent need for the revival of the privacy policy laws to restore the trust and confidence of the public. Private individuals need to be protected from unauthorized people with bad intentions. The technological firms need to ensure that their systems are well-protected from accessibility by anybody. Additionally, complaints have also been received from the public regarding the accessibility of their privacy information by institutions such as banks and even the government. Companies have been blamed for using the personal information of their clients to coerce them into making unwanted purchase. Under the privacy protection laws, such acts are illegal and demand a lawsuit before the court of justice. The law provides protection of the public’s personal information for any intended use without the consent of the owner. Besides, the government through its various security organs has also been pinned down to have considerable accessibility into people’s private information. They have been accused of tapping individuals’ information on their phone calls, texts, and emails. This situation has resulted in significant calls for the revival of the privacy protection law.

Although the privacy of individuals seems to be at stake right now, it will take combined efforts to ensure that the data of people especially on the internet is safeguarded from unauthorized persons. However, companies should always ensure that they have a privacy policy agreement to assure their clients of the protection of their information. Similarly, individuals should also make sure that they agree or sign the privacy protection policy agreement before dealing with any institution. Organizations that do not have the privacy protection agreement should be avoided at all costs because, in the case of any loss or personal information, it will be difficult to place charges against the accused institution.

In conclusion, privacy protection of individuals has received significant threats in the recent past, and there have been considerable pleas to revive the privacy protection policy of the United States. The personal information of people has to be protected, and the government has to play a significant role in ensuring this objective is attained. However, individuals should also be cautious when presenting private information to online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to present accessibility of unauthorized persons. People will feel free to communicate when they are assured of the protection of their personal information. Therefore, the privacy of information should always be given top priority.