Marrison Family Law- Understanding Child Custody & Visitation Rights In Colorado

Divorce can really have devastating consequences on children and it is here that you need to ensure that you have the right legal professionals to help you when it comes to child custody and visitation rights in Colorado. As a parent it is important for you to understand the fact that you might not be able to see your children everyday. However, you will be entitled to get visitation rights to see your kids with the permission of courts.

Marrison Family Law- understanding what your legal rights are post- divorce

Marrison Family Law is an esteemed firm in Colorado Springs and it helps divorced couples with their child custody, child support and visitation rights. The physical custody of the child is given to one parent and this will determine the residence of the child. The parent with whom the child lives will have complete residential custody of the child. The other parent will be given visitation rights where he or she will spend parental time with the other child. The courts of law need to determine the elements of this custody or parenting agreement where the non-custodial parent will spend time with the child.

Understanding child support and custody better

The legal professionals state that when it comes to child support courts in Colorado Springs, there are 11 factors that will determine the type and the nature of the custody agreement. They include the wishes of the parents, if the child is older, his or her wish will be considered, the interrelationship between siblings and parents, the mental and physical health and well-being of everyone involved in the custody agreement, the emotional ability of the parent to shower love, care and affection on the child, any history of spousal or child abuse and the willingness of the parent to place the needs of the child above their own needs.

There are again some couples in Colorado Springs that seek for a parental plan that is shared by both of them. This is known as joint custody arrangement and here each of the parent spends a significant amount of time with the child. This is a good and feasible arrangement provided that both the parents live in close proximity to one another. Both the parents actively play a crucial role when it comes to looking after the child even after they divorce.

The lawyers here at Marrison Family Law state that divorce is not only stressful for the children but the parents too have new challenges to face and meet. It is here that they offer their team of skilled and compassionate lawyers to give you the advice and the guidance that you need. When it comes to divorce and child custody, it is obvious that you would want the matters to be private and confidential. The expert team of lawyers here understand your need for privacy and confidentiality when they are managing your case. They are reliable and trustworthy. This means you can bank on them for legal help and ensure you get the child support and custody you want for your personal well-being and the well-being of your child.