Filing Your WSIB Claim Is A Race Against Time – Don’t Miss Out On Your Compensation

Have You Been The Victim Of Another’s Carelessness In Ontario?

If you’ve been the victim of illness or injury at the hands of another party or parties, you may not think that you need the services of an experienced law firm in Toronto. Perhaps the offending party is even your own employer and the mishap occurred as a result of negligence. We all make mistakes, so it’s understandable, and there’s nothing to worry about since you’re protected in such circumstances by homeowner, business, or worker’s compensation insurance, right? Unfortunately, in reality, it’s not quite as clear cut as all that.

You May Not Be As Protected As You Think You Are

Many Ontario residents are at least vaguely aware of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), an Ontario agency created in 1997 to provide workers with financial or medical compensation in the aftermath of a workplace mishap. But the WSIB’s mere existence is no guarantee that injured workers will get what they are entitled to. Make no mistake — the WSIB has helped thousands of Canadians get help in the face of catastrophe, but what many people don’t realize is that the WSIB is designed to help all parties following a workplace mishap. The WSIB:

  • protects employers from lawsuits, and allows employers to challenge employee claims
  • can reject employee claims
  • is not a permanent source of benefits, and can stop benefits at any time

Does this mean that the WSIB is a heartless entity that automatically rejects every claim? Certainly not! But it does assume that benefit applicants are able to advocate for themselves during all phases of the application process. Due to physical, emotional, and mental issues following an accident, many victims have difficulty filling out and submitting something as simple as routine paperwork, and in light of the strict nature of WSIB protocol, hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Toronto is often the only way to ensure that proper protocol is observed.

The Clock Is Ticking

Under WSIB statutes, affected employees have six months to file a claim. If that claim is rejected, depending on the circumstances of the accident in question, affected employees have anywhere from thirty days to six months to file an appeal. This certainly seems like plenty of time, however, these filed claims and appeals often involve:

  • collecting evidence
  • interviewing witnesses
  • reconstructing accident scenes
  • filing briefs and making court appearances

“He/She Who Represents Himself/Herself Has A Fool For A Client”

“Fool” may be a trifle strong, but there’s no doubt that the services of an experienced law firm in Toronto is a great idea when filing initial claims or appeals with the WSIB. These firms can assure that initial claims are filed correctly and on time, challenge rejections and file appeals, and help employees file private claims against employers and other parties. To ensure a smooth claim filing process, consider legal assistance. These experts can handle the tough jobs while you’re busy with recovery.