Choosing a Dependable DUI Lawyer in Edmonton

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you might be going through a very difficult time figuring out how to represent yourself in court. However, you can make the situation less stressful by hiring a DUI lawyer. Representing yourself is not a good idea. Actually, your top priority should be to get a reliable DUI lawyer in Edmonton who can fight for you. There are many DUI lawyers out there, so you should conduct a bit of research to get a trustworthy one. Here are some tips to help you choose a good lawyer for your DUI case:


Make sure that the lawyer you hire specializes in this type of case. In other words, you should look for an attorney who has dealt with many DUI cases in the past. If you are going with a big criminal law firm in Edmonton, ensure that the lawyer assigned to your case specializes in this area of law. Such lawyers understand the laws in your area and are aware of how the criminal justice system in your area works. Therefore, hiring a specialist is better than going with a general professional.


Make sure to hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Edmonton. The experience of an attorney is determined by the number of years they have been in practice and the number of cases they have handled. Ensure that the lawyer you hire has successfully handled many DUI cases in the past. Ideally, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer who has been in this field for at least five years. Ask how many cases the lawyer you are interested in has handled and how many of them got a favourable outcome.


Ask for references of past clients before settling for a certain law firm. A reliable criminal law firm in Edmonton will have no problem providing you with this information. Once you get names and contact information of a few past clients, call them and inquire about their experience with the lawyer or law firm in question. Ask if they were happy with the outcome of their case and whether the lawyer was generally helpful. This is an important step, as it helps you know if a potential lawyer is a good one to work with.

Communication Skills

This is an important consideration when hiring a DUI lawyer in Edmonton. A good lawyer will be able to explain your case in plain English, or any other language you understand. They will help you understand the charges against you and what the consequences are if proven guilty. A lawyer with good communication skills will explain the difficult law jargon so that you understand everything.

The Fees

While hiring a DUI lawyer in Edmonton should not only be based on cost, it is an important thing to consider. Ensure that you can afford the lawyer you choose. Ask about the fee and the available payment plans before engaging a potential attorney to avoid confusion and disappointment later on, and compare cost across several lawyers to get the most affordable one.