4 Reasons Why Hiring A Recruiter Can Benefit Your Law Firm

In the day-to-day bustle of a busy law firm, devoting the time necessary to securing the best available recruits is often impossible, however, getting the right team of lawyers at your firm is essential to its success. There are thousands of law school graduates from hundreds of law schools every year, but how can you ensure that you are hiring reliable candidates?

How in the world could you ever find enough time to be certain you recruiting the best fit for your firm? By taking into account these four reasons why your firm should work with a recruiter, you can minimize the possibility or hiring applicants who aren’t up to the task.

Time for What Really Matters – Your Clients

As a lawyer, you need to spend your time wisely, dedicating yourself to what’s fundamental to the success of your firm: your client’s cases, and if you’re like most lawyers, taking the time to search for the most talented and qualified prospects is beyond challenging. There are only so many hours in a day and handing over the responsibility of tracking down the right recruits is something that will help lighten your load significantly—especially important when you’re dealing with extensive case research and client meetings.

The Best Fit for Your Firm

A tight timeline will often restrict the amount of background checking you do in the interviewing process when you’re hiring on the fly in order to meet the demands of your clients. No one wants to haphazardly hire a new recruit without doing some extensive research of his or her credentials.

Beyond the printed information on a resumé, college transcript, or law school diploma, the actual personality of the recruit needs to be assessed thoroughly. When it comes down to making the final hiring decision you may well meet with a short list of prospective applicants, but getting that list shortened even further to those that will be the best fit for your firm is where a recruiter specializes.

Industry Resources

Lawyers at your firm may be adept at scouring complex legal documents, but this skill doesn’t necessarily translate to analyzing reams and reams of application material—their skills are best put to use in the legal arena, rather than in the arena of hiring. Once again, dedicating enough time to scan college reports and other sources that list the thousands of potentially outstanding candidates is an activity that legal recruiters excel at.

Trust and Dependability

The best recruiting agency will be staffed by a core group of lawyers with a deep understanding of the legal profession, which will afford them the insight to present you only with candidates that meet your specifications. A solid recruiter will be more concerned about building a trustworthy and dependable relationship with your firm than they are about the sheer quantity of prospects they send to your desk.

When you decide to hand over the important job of recruiting new candidates to a qualified recruiter, you will almost certainly benefit your firm. Recruiters are skilled at finding the best fit, using their experience to build trustworthy relationships, plus (and best of all), you’ll know you’re entertaining the best possible recruits, while being able to focus your time on what’s most important: your clients.